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Psathyrella ammophila
Origin: Native
Psathyrella candolleana
Habitat: It is found around stumps or in grassy areas in the vicinity of buried roots of hardwood trees.
Psathyrella caput-medusaemedusa brittlestem
Psathyrella carbonicolacharcoal Psathyrella
Psathyrella gracilis
Habitat: Found in wood chips in landscaped areas and in natural settings under hardwoods such as alder and cottonwood.
Psathyrella incertadubious Psathyrella
Psathyrella longistriataringed Psathyrella
Habitat: Occurs in mixed forests, often ones containing alder.
Psathyrella piluliformiscommon stump brittlestem, clustered Psathyrella
Distribution: It is common throughout the U.S., including the PNW
Psathyrella spadiceachestnut brittlestem, date-colored Psathyrella
Psathyrella spadiceogriseaspring brittlestem
Psathyrella subnudasmooth-capped Psathyrella