grindelia, gumplant, gumweed, resinweed
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Grindelia integrifoliaPuget Sound gumweed, Willamette Valley gumweed
Distribution: Occurring west of the Cascades crest in Washington at low elevations; British Columbia to northern California.
Habitat: Salt marshes, rocky shores along the coast, coastal headlands and bluffs, and various non-maritime habitats in the Puget Trough.
Origin: Native
Flowers: April-January
Growth Duration: Perennial
Grindelia nanaIdaho gumweed, low gumweed
Distribution: Occurring on both sides of the Cascades crest in Washington; Washington to California, east to Montana.
Habitat: Grassland, rocky areas, forest openings, streambanks, and roadsides.
Origin: Native
Flowers: January-December
Growth Duration: Perennial
var. discoidea – Columbia gumweed, rayless gumweed
var. nana – low gumweed
Grindelia squarrosacurlycup gumweed, serrate resinweed
Distribution: Occurring east of the Cascades crest in Washington; British Columbia to California, east across southern Canada and most of the United States to the Atlantic Coast.
Habitat: Dry, open, often sandy places, at low to middle elevations, often where disturbed.
Flowers: June-September
Growth Duration: Annual
var. serrulata – curlycup gumweed, serrate resinweed
Grindelia strictaOregon gumweed
Distribution: Occurring west of the Cascades crest in Washington; Alaska to California.
Habitat: Lowland meadows, balds, marshes, and ditches.
Origin: Native
Flowers: April-November
Growth Duration: Perennial