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Agrocybe erebialeather earthscale, dark fieldcap
Agrocybe pediadescommon agrocybe, hemispheric agrocybe, common fieldcap
Agrocybe praecoxspring agrocybe, spring fieldcap
Description: A. praecox is a medium-sized fleshy mushroom that frequently grows in dense groups of single fruitbodies or small clusters. It is very common in newly landscaped areas containing mulch or wood chips and, as its name indicates, appears in spring or early summer (praecox is Latin for early). The cap is pale yellowish brown to buff, smooth, and may have slight veil remnants on its edge when young; in age it often cracks especially when the weather is dry. The stipe is whitish, longitudinally lined, often bears a fragile, disappearing ring, and usually connects to thick white mycelial cords in the soil.
Agrocybe putaminummulch fieldcap
Description: The cap is hemispherical and brown when young, becoming weakly convex, smooth, matt, and pale yellow-brown. The gills are clay-brown. The stem is smooth but grooved toward the top, cap-colored, and slightly swollen toward the base, which arises from white, root-like, mycelial cords.
Habitat: in parks, gardens, and roadsides
Substrate: woodchip mulch
Origin: Introduced
Agrocybe semiorbicularis
Description: Probably better known as Agrocybe pediades, A. semiorbicularis is a small variable mushroom that grows in grass, often in the company of species such as Panaeolus foenisecii. It has a hemispherical, slightly viscid cap that may crack somewhat in age and occasionally bears slight whitish veil remnants. The veil does not form a ring.