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Russula laurocerasi
almond-scented russula

Distribution: Western

Conservation Status: Not of concern

Identification Notes:

Microscopically, the spores have much more prominent warts (1.5--2.5 ┬Ám high) than the many similar species. These include R. foetens (Persoon: Fries) Fries, very similar except for the strongly fetid odor, R. subfoetens W. G. Smith with fetid odor and flesh that yellows when cut, R. fragrantissima Romagnesi with odor similar to R. laurocerasi or anise-like but persisting after the fruitbodies have been dried, and edge of the cap smooth or short-striate, and R. illota Romagnesi, gill edge and stipe with blackish brown dots and odor like R. laurocerasi, but with a very noticeable fetid component. Various of these have been synonymized or made varieties of one another, and the question of which of them occur in the PNW remains largely open.

Accepted Name:
Russula laurocerasi Melzer

Synonyms & Misapplications:
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