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Rubus leucodermis
blackcap raspberry, dark raspberry, whitebark raspberry

Distribution: Occurring on both sides of the Cascades crest in Washington; British Columbia to southern California, east to the Rocky Mountains.

Habitat: Thickets, forest edge and openings, fields, and hillsides from low to middle elevations.

Flowers: April-July

Origin: Native

Growth Duration: Perennial

Conservation Status: Not of concern

Pollination: Apomixis, bumblebees, bees, beetles


Well-armed, deciduous perennial with erect to arching, glaucous stems, 1-3 m. long, the prickles numerous, stout, hooked, up to 6 mm. long.


Leaf blades trifoliate, greenish and glabrous above and white-woolly beneath, the leaflets ovate-lanceolate, 1.5-8 cm. long, irregularly doubly-serrate, or shallowly lobed and doubly-serrate.


Flowers 2-7 in an umbel-like raceme, the pedicels woolly and prickly; calyx wooly and glandular, the 5 segments narrowly lanceolate and pointed, reflexed; petals 5, white, spatulate, shorter than the sepals; stamens 70-100, glabrous; pistils numerous.


Drupelets coherent, coming free from the receptacle, reddish-purple to black, the fruit up to 12 mm. broad.

Accepted Name:
Rubus leucodermis Douglas ex Torr. & A. Gray
Publication: Fl. N. Amer. 1: 454. 1840.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
Batidaea sandbergii Greene
Melanobatus leucodermis (Douglas ex Torr. & A. Gray) Greene
Rubus hesperius Piper
Rubus leucodermis Douglas ex Torr. & A. Gray var. bernardinus (Greene) Jeps.
Rubus leucodermis Douglas ex Torr. & A. Gray var. trinitatis A. Berger
Rubus occidentalis Linnaeus ssp. leucodermis (Douglas ex Torr. & A. Gray) Focke
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