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Phacelia nemoralis
shade phacelia, woodland phacelia

Distribution: Occurring west of the Cascades crest and east in the Columbia River Gorge in Washington; British Columbia to California.

Habitat: Thickets and woodlands, usually in fairly dry and shady areas, at low elevations.

Flowers: April-July

Origin: Native

Growth Duration: Biennial, Perennial

Conservation Status: Not of concern


Robust, bristly perennial from a branching, woody base and taproot, the several stems up to 2 m. tall.


Leaves narrowly elliptic, pointed, with 1-4 pairs of small leaflets at the base of the blade; cauline leaves better developed than the basal leaves.


Inflorescence elongate and open, densely bristly, the lower flower clusters with leafy bracts; calyx divided nearly to the base, lobes 5; corolla dull white, 5-lobed, 3-6 mm. long and broad, the filaments conspicuously exerted, hairy near the middle; style 2-cleft.


Fruit a capsule.

Accepted Name:
Phacelia nemoralis Greene
Publication: ittonia 1(3): 141. 1887.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
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