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Lactarius scrobiculatus
pitted milk-cap, scrobiculate milk-cap

Distribution: Broad

Habitat: common in our conifer forests

Conservation Status: Not of concern


Lactarius scrobiculatus is one of a number of lactariuses that have a bearded cap margin. They come in various colors, often have concentrically zoned caps, and frequently are viscid when fresh. The cap color, latex color and color changes, and habitat are helpful in identifying them. L. scrobiculatus is typically a large mushroom with whitish to yellow or ochraceous caps. The gills are crowded, often forked near the stipe, whitish to yellowish, and develop brownish stains. The copious latex is white and quickly turns yellow. The stipe is dry, white to yellowish with large glazed spots (scrobiculae), and eventually develops yellowish to rusty brown discolorations.

Accepted Name:
Lactarius scrobiculatus (Fr.) Fr.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
(none provided)
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