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Lactarius pseudomucidus
slimy milk-cap

Distribution: Broad Western North America

Habitat: L. pseudomucidus is frequently found in coastal and mid-elevation conifer forests, and eastward at least as far as Idaho and southward into California.

Conservation Status: Not of concern


Lactarius pseudomucidus is entirely gray to grayish brown or brownish except for the whitish stipe base. Older or water soaked fruitbodies are often faded and may develop more brownish colors. Both cap and stipe are viscid to slimy. The gills are strikingly white with a grayish or yellowish tint and stain brownish when cut or bruised. The latex is white to whey-like, and dries yellowish. Both the latex and flesh are acrid.

Identification Notes:

In the past, it was mistakenly identified as L. mucidus Burlingham, an eastern species.

Accepted Name:
Lactarius pseudomucidus Hesler & A.H. Sm.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
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