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Lactarius fallax
velvety milk-cap

Habitat: Litter in spruce and mixed conifer forests along the coast and in the interior mountains

Conservation Status: Not of concern


A medium-sized species with a dry, velvety, brown to blackish brown cap with a distinct pointed umbo. The stipe is dry, velvety, often wrinkled at the top, and similar in color to the cap, except for the whitish base. The gills are white with either white or gray-brown to dark brown edges. The spacing of the gills ranges from crowded to distant in some forms, and the gills often extend a bit onto the stipe apex. The latex is white and unchanging, often not abundant, and after some time broken flesh becomes pinkish to vinaceous.

Accepted Name:
Lactarius fallax A.H. Sm. & Hesler

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