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Erigeron leibergii
Leiberg's fleabane

Distribution: Occurring east of the Cascades crest in In the Wenatchee Mountains of Okanogan, Chelan and Kittitas counties; British Columbia to Washington.

Habitat: Cliffs and rocky places at moderate to high elevations in the mountains.

Flowers: June-August

Origin: Native

Growth Duration: Perennial

Conservation Status: Not of concern

Pollination: Bees, butterflies, flies, apomixis?


Perennial from a stout, branched, woody base, 7-25 cm. tall, herbage with soft, curled hairs and stalked glands.


Basal leaves broadly oblanceolate to elliptic, entire or with fine teeth, up to 12 cm. long and 2 cm. wide; cauline leaves several, fairly well developed, oblanceolate to elliptic.


Heads 1-5, the disk 7-14 mm. wide; involucre 5-8 mm. high, the bracts sub-equal, thin, green, loose; rays 20-45, pistillate, blue or pink, rarely white, 5-12 mm. long and 1.3-2 mm. wide; disk corollas 3-4.3 mm. long, yellow; pappus of 12-16 capillary bristles.

Accepted Name:
Erigeron leibergii Piper
Publication: Bull. Torrey Bot. Club. 28: 41. 1901.

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