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Gymnopus acervatusclustered Collybia, conifer toughshank
Habitat: Conifer forests
Substrate: Rotting logs and stumps, other woody debris
Gymnopus confluenstufted Collybia, clustered toughshank
Distribution: Mixed woods with heavy litter accumulations
Gymnopus dryophiluscommon Collybia, oak Collybia, June mushroom, russet toughshank
Spores: whitish to pale yellow, smooth, and do not react in Melzerā€™s reagent
Gymnopus erythropusredleg toughshank
Distribution: Northern hemisphere
Habitat: Forested areas
Gymnopus luxurians
Distribution: It occurs in a variety of urban and suburban habitats including flower beds with wood chips and in lawns around the roots of trees. It can appear in summer, when few other species are fruiting, if sufficient moisture is available, such as from yard-watering.
Gymnopus perforansstinking parachute
Gymnopus peronatuswood woolly-foot
Distribution: G. peronatus is a widespread and often extremely abundant species at lower elevations in the PNW, occurring in mixed woods on leaf litter and woody debris.
Spores: long and narrow and the edges of the gills have long, slender cheilocystidia