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Clitocybe albirhizasnowmelt clitocybe, white-stranded clitocybe
Description: Cap 2– 4 cm across; broadly convex, some with a slight depression and others with a slight bump in the center; smooth; mostly whitish tan, some with a pale pink tint, with a white frosty covering that wears off on weathering; margin turned down or under, sometimes with a white rim. Gills attached or running slightly down the stalk; narrow, thin; cream, buff with age. Stalk 2– 4 × 0.5– 1 cm, equal or narrower at the top or middle; whitish, cream, with a frosty coating; with copious white rhizomorphs at the base (dig it up!). Flesh a pale watery buff; odor flowery or floury. Spore print white.
Distribution: Western snowbank mushrooms
Habitat: Melting snowbanks
Spores: late May to early July
Clitocybe alexandriAlexander's funnel
Clitocybe cerussatalead-white clitocybe
Clitocybe deceptivaanise mushroom
Clitocybe dilatatacrowded white Clitocybe
Clitocybe fragransfragrant funnel, slim anise mushroom
Clitocybe gibbafunnel Clitocybe, common funnel, funnel-cap
Clitocybe glacialissnowbank lyophyllum
Description: Cap 2– 5 cm across, broadly convex with a turned-down margin; smooth, greasy or silky dry; silvery gray, with a hoary frosted look, more gray-brown with age. Gills narrowly attached, thin, a bit crowded or not; pale gray to gray-brown. Stalk 2– 3.5 × 0.5– 1.5 cm, equal; silvery pale gray with a hoary coating. Flesh watery gray; odor indistinct. Spore print white.
Distribution: Western snowbank mushroom
Habitat: Snowbanks or in cavities melted out of snowbanks
Spores: late May to early July
Clitocybe maximalarge white Clitocybe
Clitocybe nebulariscloudy clitocybe, clouded funnel
Distribution: A variety of forests, often appearing along woodland trails late in fall
Clitocybe odoraanise-scented Clitocybe, aniseed funnel, blue-green anise mushroom
Clitocybe phyllophilafrosty funnel
Clitocybe rivulosasweat-producing Clitocybe
Clitocybe sclerotoideaparasitic clitocybe
Clitocybe sinopicabrick-red clitocybe
Distribution: Any time of year, often on bare soil
Clitocybe squamulosasmall scaly clitocybe
Distribution: Broad Widespread, often common, and variable species
Clitocybe subditopoda
Distribution: Common in Pacific Coast conifer forests