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Baeospora myosuraconifer-cone baeospora, conifercone cap, conifer conecap, spruce-cone mushroom
Description: Small, tan to whitish cap with crowded, white gills and white to brownish stalk; on fallen conifer cones
Substrate: Spruce and Douglas fir cones
Spores: September to October
Baeospora myriadophyllalavender baeospora
Description: Fresh specimens are quite striking when plucked from a log and turned over to reveal the crowded, narrow, lilac gills. The thin-fleshed caps and the stipes are usually brownish, occasionally with lilac tones, and develop grayish or paler tones with age or loss of moisture. The tough, hollow stipe is usually somewhat pruinose above and has white short hairs on the base. B. myriadophylla is an uncommon fungus and usually occurs in small numbers in fall or spring.
Substrate: Hardwood logs and stumps
Spores: June to October