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Alloclavaria purpureapurple club coral, purple coral
Description: Smooth to wrinkled, tubular or slightly flattened, unbranched fruit bodies with pointed tips. They normally grow gregariously in clusters or dense troops. They are typically deep or dull purple, fading to purplish gray or brown.
Cotylidia diaphanastalked Stereum
Cotylidia pannosawoolly rosette
Loreleia postiitiny navelcap
Mitrula elegansswamp beacon, matchstick fungus
Habitat: Occurs on very wet plant litter or even on litter submerged in cold, shallow, running water.
Oxyporus latemarginatusfrothy porecrust
Rickenella fibulaorange moss agaric, orange nail fungus, orange mosscap
Distribution: It occurs in mossy forest habitats but also is a common urban mushroom, occurring in small to large groups in mossy lawns of homes, parks, and similar habitats.
Xenasmatella vagayellow cobweb