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Hohenbuehelia petaloidesleaflike oyster, shoehorn oyster
Pleurotus dryinusveiled oyster mushroom, oak oyster, veiled oyster
Habitat: Temperate forests with a hardwood component.
Substrate: Hardwoods, especially oak and maple.
Spores: Early fall.
Pleurotus ostreatus
Distribution: P. ostreatus is a species complex that has representatives in temperate forests worldwide.
Habitat: Forests with deciduous components.
Substrate: Hardwoods, primarily alder and maple.
Spores: Spring, fall.
Pleurotus populinus
Distribution: Montane North America, range of Populus.
Habitat: Montane forests, range of Populus
Substrate: Hardwoods, particularly Populus.
Pleurotus pulmonarius
Distribution: Northern hemisphere, coniferous forests.
Habitat: Temperate coniferous forests.
Substrate: Conifer wood.