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Byssomerulius corium
Description: Effuso-reflexed or resupinate, on hardwoods. Thin, leathery or papery. Cap when present is white or gray, or may be green from algae. Pore surface white, then cream, then light brown.
Distribution: Widespread in northern hemisphere.
Substrate: On branches and twigs of hardwoods.
Ceriporia spissaorange poria
Ceriporia tardamauve waxpore
Description: Ceriporia tarda is a thin, soft, effused species, consisting of little more than a pore surface surrounded by a narrow, sterile margin. It typically grows in small patches that often coalesce to form larger fruitbodies. The color varies from cream to rose-pink, mauve or pinkish violet, becoming duller with age.
Habitat: woodland
Substrate: on the underside of fallen branches and logs
Meruliopsis coriumnetted crust
Habitat: Downed branches of hardwood or brush piles