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Peziza badiabay cup, red-brown cup, pig's ears
Peziza brunneoatrabrown-black cup
Peziza domicilianacellar cup, home cup, domestic cup fungus, domicile cup fungus
Peziza praetervisa
Spores: 11--15 x 6--8 µm, ornamented with low warts, and containing two oil drops
Peziza proteanafalse Sparassis
Peziza sublilacinaviolet cup
Peziza vesiculosabarnyard cup, bladder cup, blistered cup, common dung cup, small dung cup
Spores: smooth, ellipsoid, 18--24 x 9--14 µm
Plicaria endocarpoidessmooth fairy cup
Spores: 8--10 µm diameter
Plicaria trachycarparough fairy cup
Sarcosphaera coronariapink crown, violet crowncup, violet star cup, crown fungus
Distribution: S. coronaria occurs in spring, mostly in the mountains, often near melting snow, and is a harbinger of morel season. It also occurs in Europe and has been called S. crassa (Santi) Pouzar and S. eximia (Durieu & Léveillé) Maire.
Spores: The spores are broadly ellipsoid (13--22 x 7--10 µm) with blunt ends and usually two large oil drops.