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Alpova diplophloeus Groupred gravel
Description: Alpova diplophloeus is essentially a small version of a rhizopogon, differing from them by its gelatinous gleba. Its well-developed peridium is light pinkish at first but soon darkens to brown or reddish brown (or stains those colors). The gleba is viscid-gelatinous and pale yellow to olive when young, and soon becomes orange-brown to reddish brown and marbled by white veins that divide it into chambers. At maturity the smooth, thin-walled, elongate, and colorless to pale brownish spores are borne in a jelly-like matrix.
Melanogaster euryspermusblack veined false truffle
Paxillus involutusinrolled pax, roll-rim, brown rollrim
Habitat: P. involutus occurs in natural forest in our region but is not common there. It is much more common and abundant in parks and landscaped areas, where it is typically associated with birches, often along with Leccinum scabrum and Lactarius plumbeus