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Coltricia cinnamomeafairy stool
Description: Coltricia cinnamomea has a silky, shiny, reddish brown cap with less well defined zonation than C. perennis.
Coltricia perennistiger's eye
Habitat: Occurs on the ground or on woody debris and is most characteristic of disturbed areas such as trail edges and roadsides in conifer forests.
Fomitiporia punctataelbowpatch crust
Fuscoporia ferreacinnamon porecrust
Fuscoporia ferruginosarusty porecrust
Fuscoporia gilvaoak conk, mustard-yellow polypore
Hydnochaete olivaceabrown-toothed crust
Hydnoporia tabacina
Distribution: Global, North and South, temperate and tropical.
Habitat: Woodlands and forests.
Substrate: Wood, primarily twigs and smaller branches or stems of hardwood trees and shrubs.
Hymenochaete corrugataglue crust
Hymenochaete rubiginosaoak curtain-crust
Inonotus cuticularisclustered bracket
Mensularia radiataalder bracket
Onnia tomentosawoolly velvet polypore
Habitat: Roots of conifers
Onnia triquetraFalse Dyer's Polypore
Habitat: Pine forests.
Substrate: Pinus boles and roots.
Spores: Annual in fall.
Phellinidium sulphurascenslaminated root rot
Distribution: Range of Pseudotsuga, Tsuga and Abies. Northern coniferous forests.
Habitat: Northern coniferous forests.
Substrate: Conifer wood.
Phellinidium weiriilaminated root rot
Phellinopsis conchata
Distribution: Northern North America, more common east than west.
Habitat: Hardwood forests and woodlands.
Substrate: Hardwoods.
Phellinus alni
Habitat: Forests, on hardwoods, particularly alder and maple.
Substrate: Wood.
Phellinus igniariuswillow bracket, false tinder conk, false tinder polypore, flecked-flesh polypore
Phellinus pomaceuscushion bracket
Phellinus punctata
Distribution: Widespread in North America.
Habitat: On hardwoods.
Substrate: Wood.
Phellinus tremulaeaspen bracket
Porodaedalea chrysolomagolden spreading polypore
Porodaedalea gilbertsoniipine conk, red ring rot
Distribution: Western North America
Habitat: Coniferous forests with Pseudotsuga menziesii.
Substrate: Wood
Porodaedalea pini
Habitat: P. pini is widespread in conifer forests where it causes white-rot of heartwood.