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32 subspecies and varieties
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Alboleptonia sericella var. lutescenslittle white leptonia, cream pinkgill
Clitopilus prunulusthe miller, sweetbread mushroom
Distribution: Widely distributed in conifer as well as deciduous hardwood forests.
Habitat: Conifer and hardwood forests.
Entoloma bloxamii Groupmidnight blue Entoloma, big blue pinkgill
Entoloma hirtipes
Origin: Native
Entoloma nidorosumnitrous Entoloma
Leptonia incanamousepee pinkgill
Leptonia parvablue-black Leptonia
Leptonia serrulatablue-toothed Leptonia, blue-edge pinkgill
Nolanea sericeasilky Nolanea, silky pinkgill
Nolanea strictiorstrict Nolanea
Rhodophana nitellina
Distribution: Northern Hemisphere.
Habitat: Forested areas, in humus or leaf litter.
Substrate: Soil, litter.