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Suillus grevillei
elegant bolete, larch bolete, tamarack jack, larch Suillus

Habitat: Associated with larch.

Conservation Status: Not of concern

Common Names:

elegant bolete, larch bolete, tamarack jack, larch Suillus

Identification Notes:

Suillus grevillei is another larch associate that can sometimes be quite abundant. It has a visicid to glutinous, deep reddish brown cap with a distinct yellow margin. The veil is rather substantial, often leaves material on the edge of the cap and a distinct ring on the stipe. The pores are angular and yellow, and may stain brownish when bruised. The stipe is rich yellow above the ring and streaked reddish brown below. The flesh is yellowish and discolors brownish.

Accepted Name:
Suillus grevillei (Klotzsch) Singer

Synonyms & Misapplications:
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Additional Resources:

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