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Plectritis ciliosa
long-spurred plectritis

Distribution: Occurring east of the Cascades crest in Klickitat County in Washington Klickitat County, Washington, and southwestern Oregon to California.

Habitat: Vernally moist, open slopes and meadows.

Flowers: April-May

Origin: Native

Growth Duration: Annual

Conservation Status: Not of concern

Pollination: Bumblebees, bees, flies, butterflies


Glabrous, slender annuals, the stems usually simple, 1-5 dm. tall.


Leaves opposite, distant, the lower ones obovate and short-petiolate, the others oblong and sessile, 1-3 cm. long and 3-10 mm. wide.


Inflorescence spike-like, appearing quadrangular; calyx obsolete; corolla 5-lobed, two-lipped, deep pink with one or two red dots at the base of the lower lip, with a slender and elongate spur; stamens 3, attached on the corolla; ovary inferior.


Carpel 2-4 mm. long, with a groove on the convex side, and a band of long, cylindrical hairs on each side of the groove.

Accepted Name:
Plectritis ciliosa (Greene) Jeps.
Publication: Nov. Gen. Sp. Pl. 1: 40. 1824.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
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