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Nidula candida
jellied bird's nest fungus, common gel bird's nest

Conservation Status: Not of concern

Identification Notes:

We have two common, widespread species of Nidula in the PNW region, Nidula niveo-tomentosa (Hennings) Lloyd and N. candida. Both of them have a wooly covering on the exterior of the cup which is grayish to brownish in N. candida and white in N. niveo-tomentosa. N. candida is considerable larger than N. niveotomentosa, and the cup of the former has a wide-flaring mouth. N. candida occurs on woody substrates, debris and soil and the empty cups are persistent and can be found throughout the year. N. niveo-tomentosa is often found among mosses but also can be associated with the debris of bracken ferns and other substrates. Nidulas are most likely to be confused with crucibulums, the peridioles of which are attached by short cords before they are dispersed.

Accepted Name:
Nidula candida (Peck) V.S. White

Synonyms & Misapplications:
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