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Hygrocybe flavescens
yellow waxcap, golden waxy-cap

Conservation Status: Not of concern

Identification Notes:

Hygrocybe flavescens is a widespread species recognized by its medium size, bright yellow-orange colors, and viscid, convex to plane cap. The cap can be orange when young, but is usually bright lemon yellow when expanded. The stipe is about the same color as the cap, and the gills are generally a paler shade of yellow. It occurs in a wide range of forest and woodland habitats. Many mycologists differentiate H. flavescens and H. chlorophana (Fries: Fries) W√ľnsche by the moistness of the stipe, with the latter being viscid and the former merely dry to moist. However, in Europe, H. chlorophana is widely accepted as having stipes dry to moist to viscid, so it is hard to know whether these are distinct species, especially in the absence of additional correlated characters.

Accepted Name:
Hygrocybe flavescens (Kauffman) Singer

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