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Helvella compressa
compressed elfin saddle

Conservation Status: Not of concern

Identification Notes:

Helvella compressa has a saddle-shaped, gray to brown cap, the margin of which is curved inward at first and then gradually unfolds and is flattened against the stipe when mature. The outer surface of the cup is pale and more or less finely hairy. The stipe is round in cross-section, hollow, rather slender, equal or tapered upward, whitish, and finely hairy. The flesh is thin, brittle, and pale gray. It occurs with hardwoods and conifers along the coast in spring. H. stevensii Peck is a very similar, mostly eastern, species but has a paler cap and smaller spores.

Accepted Name:
Helvella compressa (Snyder) N.S. Weber

Synonyms & Misapplications:
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