Coniophora puteana

Conservation Status: Not of concern

Identification Notes:

Coniophora puteana causes a brown-rot in both hardwood and conifer wood, including building timbers, boats, and other substrates. The fruitbodies start as small patches that can develop into rather extensive membranous to somewhat fleshy flat continuous masses that are attached tightly to the substrate. The surface is smooth to irregularly warty, at first cream-colored then ochraceous, olivaceous, or dark brown, with a whitish edge and numerous small white strands. C. arida (Fries) P. Karsten, a similar species, usually occurs on conifer wood.

Sources: Trudell, Steve and Joe Ammirati. Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest. Portland, Timber Press, Inc. 2009.

Accepted Name:
Coniophora puteana (Schumach.: Fr.) P. Karst.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
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