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Caulanthus lasiophyllus
wild cabbage, California mustard

Distribution: Reported from Washington; Washington to Baja California, Mexico, east to Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Habitat: Sandy banks, gravelly or rocky areas, often where disturbed.

Flowers: April-June

Origin: Native

Growth Duration: Annual

Conservation Status: Review Group 1 in Washington (WANHP)


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Accepted Name:
Caulanthus lasiophyllus (Hook. & Arn.) Payson
Publication: Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 9: 303. 1923.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
Caulanthus lasiophyllus (Hook. & Arn.) Payson var. lasiophyllus [Rollins 1993a]
Guillenia lasiophylla (Hook. & Arn.) Greene [JPM]
Thelypodium lasiophyllum (Hook. & Arn.) Greene [HC]
Thelypodium lasiophyllum (Hook. & Arn.) Greene var. inalienum B.L. Rob. [Abrams]
Thelypodium lasiophyllum (Hook. & Arn.) Greene var. utahense (Rydb.) Jeps. [Abrams]
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