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Caltha leptosepala

Distribution: Occurring on both sides of the Cascades crest in Washington; Alaska to California, east to the western Montana.

Habitat: Wet places in subalpine and alpine regions.

Flowers: May-August

Origin: Native

Growth Duration: Perennial

Conservation Status: Not of concern

Pollination: Bees, flies, beetles


Glabrous, succulent perennial with nearly naked stems up to 1.5 dm. tall.


Leaves mostly basal, long-petiolate, the blades sub-obicular to oblong-ovate, up to 10 cm. long, sub-entire to serrate or dentate; cauline leaves usually 1, petiolate


Flowers solitary on 1-2 naked peduncles; sepals 7-10, white, narrowly oblong-elliptic, 7-20 mm. long; petals none; stamens numerous, filaments 2-5 times longer than the anthers; pistils 5-10.


Follicles sub-sessile.

Accepted Name:
Caltha leptosepala DC.
Publication: Syst. Nat. 1: 310. 1817.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
Caltha biflora DC. var. rotundifolia (Huth) C.L. Hitchc. [HC]
Caltha leptosepala DC. var. rotundifolia Huth
Psychropila leptosepala (DC.) W. Weber
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