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Agaricus augustus
giant agaric, horse agaric, prince agaricus, the prince

Habitat: Found in particularly in well watered areas under cedars and in disturbed areas, such as campgrounds or along trails or roads.

Conservation Status: Not of concern

Identification Notes:

The prince is a common and popular edible mushroom along the Pacific Coast, from B.C. to northern California. It is distinguished by its large size, warm brown color of the cap scales, golden yellow staining of cap and stipe, almond odor, shaggy surface of the stipe below the double ring, and growth of the stipes deeply embedded in the soil. The spores are also rather large for the genus, at 8--10 x 5--6 ┬Ám. It often appears in summer, particularly in well watered areas under cedars, and aborted individuals can be found when soils dry out before development is complete. Even when found in the forest, it is in disturbed areas, such as campgrounds or along trails or roads. Smaller, less shaggy specimens with less pronounced odor are sometimes found. These might represent a separate species but critical studies have not been carried out.


Common name - The Prince

Sources: Trudell, Steve and Joe Ammirati. Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest, Timber Press, Inc. 2009.

Accepted Name:
Agaricus augustus Fr.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
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