Contributor Profile: Ron Bockelman

Name: Ron Bockelman


Affiliation: retired Environmental Project Manager, David Evans and Associates, Inc., Bellevue, WA

Background: BS, Biology, Bowling Green State University; MS, Ecology, Bowling Green State University. Sagebrush habitat at Puget Sound Energy's Wild Horse Wind & Solar Facility in Kittitas County (photos of approx. 300 species, WTU Herbarium specimens of approx. 200 species, 2009-present). Blue Mountains on the Pomeroy Ranger District of the Umatilla National Forest in Columbia and Garfield Counties, Washington (photos of approx. 300 species, 2010-2012). Photos are taken with a handheld, point-and-shoot, digital camera that easily fits in a shirt pocket. GPS track logs allow geo-tagging of each photo. Original jpg-files are almost always submitted without enhancement or other post-processing.


Photographs: 4,352 (browse photos)

Taxa photographed: 509

Taxa pages edited: 0

Photo Copyright Statement:
Photos may be used without prior permission for strictly personal use or classroom instruction. Prior permission is required for any other usage, whether educational, non-profit, or commercial, including books, printed material, computer programs, web sites, or any use in which the photos will be publicly accessible.