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Nephroma helveticum
Description: Dark brown, shiny, small lobes up to 5 mm wide, fringed with lobules and isidia. Apothecia dark brown, common.
Distribution: West of Cascades crest in Washington; Alaska to Bay Area of California, Montana to New Mexico, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maine to Louisiana; British Columbia, Alberta, band from Yukon Territories to Nova Scotia.
Habitat: Humid forest with some tolerance to drier forest.
Substrate: On bark and mossy rock.
Nephroma orvoi
Origin: Native
Nephroma resupinatum
Description: Thallus brown to grey-brown, lobes 5-10 mm in width with abundant lobules. Lower surface tomentose with pimple-like bumps. Apothecia common.
Distribution: Washington; Alaska to Bay Area, California, Michigan, Wisconsin, disjunct at border of Tennessee and North Carolina, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine; Manitoba to Quebec.
Habitat: Humid forest.
Substrate: Trees and mossy rocks.