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Fomitopsis mounceaered-belted conk, red-belted polypore
Distribution: Occurring west of the Cascades crest in Washington; Widespread in northern North America and Appalachia in coniferous forests.
Origin: native
Fomitopsis ochracea
Distribution: Widespread across northern North America and Appalachia, on conifers and hardwoods.
Habitat: Northern coniferous forests. Primarily on conifers but also on hardwoods especially aspen.
Substrate: Wood
Fomitopsis officinalisquinine conk, enfant-du-pin, larch fungus, quinine fungus, larch polypore
Fomitopsis pinicolared-belted bracket, red-belt conk, red-belted polypore, redbelt
Habitat: Occurs on conifers and hardwoods.