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Cladonia bellidiflora
Description: Thallus pale yellowish-green with large, deeply lobed squamules. Podetia largely squamulose, bearing large red apothecia at the tips.
Distribution: West of Cascades crest in Washington; Alaska to northern California, northern Canada.
Substrate: On rotting wood, stumps, logs, occasionally on soil.
Cladonia ecmocyna
Description: Thallus grey to greenish-grey, usually pruinose. Podetia slender and pointed, cups occasionally present.
Distribution: Washington; Alaska to Oregon, Idaho, west of Rockies in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Maine; Nunavut, northern and southern Quebec.
Habitat: Open or partial shade, mainly at higher elevations.
Substrate: On soil.
Cladonia portentosa
Distribution: Coastal from southeast Alaska to California.
Habitat: Sand dunes, sandy soil, seaside cliffs and rocky slopes, always near the coast.
Substrate: Sandy soil, moss over sand, or rock.