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Crucibulum laevecommon bird's nest fungus, yellow bird's nest fungus, common birds' nest, white-egg bird's nest
Cyathus ollafield bird's nest, deep splashcup
Cyathus stercoreussplash-cup bird's-nest, dung-loving bird's-nest fungus, dung bird's nest
Cyathus striatusfluted bird's-nest, streaked bird's-nest, splash cups, ribbed splashcup
Habitat: It can be common in gardens where woody materials have been added to the planting beds.
Substrate: Cyathus striatus occurs in a number of different habitats on decaying plant materials such as wood chips, small branches, and needles.
Nidula candidajellied bird's nest fungus, common gel bird's nest
Nidula niveotomentosawhite barrel bird's nest
Sphaerobolus iowensisartillery fungus, cannon fungus, sphere thrower
Sphaerobolus stellatusartillery fungus, cannon fungus, shooting-star, sphere-thrower, sphere thrower