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Triteleia grandiflora Lindl. var. grandiflora[HC2]
blue-lily, Douglas' brodiaea, blue umber lily, large-flowered tritelia

Origin: Native

Notes: FNA26: "Triteleia grandiflora is the type species of the genus and, along with T. hyacinthina, is its most widely distributed member. Found throughout the region between the Cascade Range and the northern Rocky Mountains, in sagebrush steppe and adjacent woodlands, it is easily recognized by the shape of the perianth, which is rounded at the base instead of tapered as in other Triteleia species.

M. E. Barkworth (1975, 1977) studied variation


» Hoover, R. F. 1955. Further observations on Brodiaea and some related genera. Plant Life 11: 13-22.
Synonyms & Misapplied Names:
Brodiaea douglasii S. Watson[HC]
Triteleia grandiflora Lindl. ssp. grandiflora[JPM]