The Washington Flora Checklist is available for download in several formats. Links to these files are provided here along with an explanation of their contents. The download files are generated nightly.

Please cite the Washington Flora Checklist as the source of these data files.

Tab-delimited Text Files (ZIP archive):

The following ZIP archive file contains a set of tab-delimited text files closely corresponding to the contents of the Checklist database tables. These text files are intended for use in data analyses or ingestion by databases, GIS software, or other programs.


Adobe PDF document:

The PDF format contains the entire checklist formatted for printing. Checklist entries are organized by major classification (Ferns and Lycophytes, Gymnosperms, Dicots, Monocots), then by family and scientific name. Within each family the contents are equivalent to the list view page for that family in the online version of the checklist.

» WAFloraChecklist.pdf