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Sidalcea campestris Greene[HC, HC2]
meadow checker-mallow, meadow sidalcea

Publication: Bulletin of the California Academy of Sciences 1(3): 76-77. 1885.

Origin: Introduced from Oregon

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: Native only to the Willamette Valley area (Multnomah and Washington to Benton and Linn counties). WA specimens were collected by Piper in late 1800s near Seattle. These specimens are considered likely introductions. Piper and Beattie\'s 1915 "Flora of the Northwest Coast contains this note for S. campestris: "In moist meadows, Willamette Valley, Oregon. S. asplenifolia Greene found at Seattle in hay meadows is apparently the same and perhaps was introduced with grass seed."

The lack of specimens for this species from WA over the last 100 years strongly suggests that it is likely not part of the contemporary flora. It is best considered an occasional garden escape.

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Synonyms & Misapplied Names:
Sidalcea asplenifolia Greene
Sidalcea sylvestris A. Nelson